Below is a selection of Caroline’s recent articles:

DAILY MIRROR: ‘Dying for the perfect beach body?’

An investigation into the deadly surge in online diet pills (July 18th 2013)



SUNDAY EXPRESS: Book extract from ‘Kate’s Style’

How Kate Middleton became a global fashion icon (July 7th 2013)



DAILY MIRROR: ‘Beating health scares makes this Father’s Day extra special’

Three dads who batted life-threatening medical conditions (June 13th 2013)



DAILY MIRROR: ‘The shocking truth about tummy fat’

As new research reveals your pot belly is a hidden health timebomb – here’s how to shift yours (April 9th 2013)

caroline-jones-The shocking truth about tummy fat

CLOSER MAGAZINE: ‘It was hard work being a size 10!’

Claire Sweeney reveals her body secrets in a celebrity interview (November 2012)

caroline-jones-It was hard work being a size 10


DAILY MAIL: ‘Why I’m not selfish for only wanting one child’

A personal view on the benefits of having an only child (April 2012)

caroline-jones-Why I’m not selfish for only wanting one child

HEALTHY FOOD GUIDE: ‘How making the family connection could save your life’

Why genetics are so important when it comes to your health future (April 2012)

caroline-jones-How making the family connection could save your lif


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‘Breast cancer damaged our bodies, but our men think we’re sexier than ever’ (Mirror October 2nd, 2012)

The danger of illegal internet abortion pills (Mirror, September 21st 2012)

Are you a secret sugar addict? (Mirror, August 28th 2012)

The toxins lurking in your bathroom cabinet (Mirror, August 8th 2012)

Genetic health: How making the family connection could save your life (Healthy Food Guide, April 2012)

Is it safe to take HRT again? (Mirror, January 26th 2012)