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The Best Diet For You! The Top 30 Weight-Loss Plans

Six out of ten people admit to wanting to lose weight but are bewildered by the number of diets out there, from 5:2 fasting to detox and Dukan. This book gathers together 30 of the most popular and talked-about diets from the last 50 years and examines each one in turn, taking the hard work out of ensuring you find the diet best suited to your personality, body shape and lifestyle. It looks at the pros and cons of each plan and the science behind their claims to equip you to make the right choice to achieve successful weight loss – once and for all.

£9.99, published by Carlton Books

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Kate’s Style: Smart, Chic Fashion from a Royal Role Model

The Duchess of Cambridge has become one of the biggest British style icons in living memory. Her elegant look has sparked copycat imitations the world over and created a huge boost in sales for the shops and designers whose clothes she favours. This essential fashion guide to her style celebrates her unique, ladylike fashion flair – and gives Kate addicts a handy guide to getting her look.

£19.99, published by Carlton Books

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The Busy Girls’ Guide to Looking Great: Time-saving Ideas for Fitting Exercise, Diet, Fashion and Beauty into Every Day

When the going gets tough, most women don’t go shopping (though they might like to!) – instead they often sacrifice all the little luxuries that make them feel beautiful – from salon appointments to yoga classes, shoe shopping and healthy cooking. Whether you’re a single girl or a working mum, this fun, information-filled guide will help every woman with an active life find the time to address their exercise, diet, beauty and fashion needs effortlessly – and in the minimum amount of time.

£9.99, published by Carlton Books

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Desperate Housewives Guide to Life and Love

A humorous, helpful guide to the modern woman’s common life dilemmas, covering topics including love, sex, career, looking younger for longer, children and social life. This book offers advice on tricky issues such as being a stay-at-home versus working mum and surviving divorce, but handled in a fun but insightful way. You’ll wonder how you managed to get through a day without it!

£12.99, published by Carlton Books

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1001 spend less look beautiful

1001 Little Ways to Spend Less and Look Beautiful

Learn to look gorgeous for less with these money-saving tips to cover all your beauty needs. This book includes thrifty tips and tactics for skin, hair, make-up and body care, from professional-style home manicures to the best multi-use products. An essential guide to looking good on a budget in today’s challenging times.

£6.99, published by Carlton Books

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book-by-caroline-jones-_1001 fashion miracles

1001 Little Fashion Miracles

With remedies for any fashion disaster you may encounter, as well as advice on styles, accessorizing and shopping, this books offers clever ideas for looking your best in all circumstances. You’ll learn quick tips on all things stylish from how to choose fabrics and cuts that flatter your figure, to striking the delicate balance between underdressing and overdressing for a family wedding, and what to wear for an interview to secure your dream job.

£7.99, published by Carlton Books

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